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Watch Know some unknown information about the worlds biggest diamond mine !! You will be surprised if you know The worlds largest diamond mine is currently located in Russia. Also known as Mir Mines, this diamond mine, named Mir Mir, is one of the largest and deepest mines in the world. This mine was discovered on June 13, 1955. Three Russian geologists Uri Khabardin, Ictirina Elagina and Victor Evdinco discovered this mine during the Amakinski expedition located at Yakut ASSR. Its the worlds second largest excavated hole. The hole was made but the airspace helicopter movement on this mine was stopped because they were pulled down by the downward air flow The diamond production from the mine was about 1 million carats in 1960, which is equivalent to about 2000 kilograms. In 1980, whose weight was 34.2 carat or 60 grams. The name of the hero was named 26th Congress CPSU. A road is created in the mine, which helps in entering the mine area. This is the largest mine in the world. But its location is second. The worlds largest mining mine is the United Kingdom of Utah, bingham canon. Details at: Subscribe: Facebook page:

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