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Watch Radiation from mobile tower not harmful: Trai CHENNAI: Allaying fears on radiations from mobile towers, a senior Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) official on Wednesday said the harmful effects of electromagnetic field radiation have not been established. At a customer outreach programme, Sunil Bajpai, principal adviser to TRAI, said people are scared of harmful effects of radiations from cellphone towers. However, it has not been established that the electromagnetic field radiation from mobile towers causes any harm to humans. While there are several studies on the adverse impact of radiations on people, few have also done research on how the radiations will have positive effects on human beings. Citing a paper published by TRAI, he said, Do not have unreasonable fears on radiations from mobile towers. Bajapai further said fear-mongering on the evil effects of radiations has resulted in aversion among the general public for setting up of mobile towers, adding lesser number of cellphone towers will affect the quality of service. FOR MORE INTERESTING UPDATES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL FOR MORE DETAILS VISIT MY WEBSITE NOW THIS IS THE TIME FOR TOP FILMY VIDEOS FROM AROUND KERALA FROM MALLU BACK BENCHERS. IT IS WORKSHOP FOR EVERY THING ALL AROUND THE MALAYALAM CINEMA AND KERALA NOTHING GIVES A BIGGER JOY THAN KILLING THE BOREDOM MONSTER VIA YOUR SMART PHONES, TABLETS, AND COMPUTERS. WERE HERE TO GIVE YOU A HAND TO KILL TIME. COLLECTION OF THE BEST FILMY VIDEOS KNOWN TO THE INTERNET: THE ALL VARIOUS WOODS VIDEOS AND LATEST NEWS AND SOMETIMES MEANINGFUL. OUR CONTENT IS CURATED CAREFULLY TO INCLUDE FRESHLY MADE HOT STUFF THAT IS BEING CIRCULATED ON SOCIAL MEDIA, BLOGS, AND FORUMS EVEN BEFORE THEY GET FEATURED ON MAINSTREAM MAGAZINES, NEWSPAPERS, AND TELEVISION. WE TAKE GREAT JOY TO PROWL THE INTERNET LIKE A BLOODY STALKER, WATCHING 24/7, SEARCHING FOR BEST, OLDEST, LATEST MOST VIRAL, INTERESTING, AND FUNNY VIDEOS WHICH HAD WENT VIRAL SINCE MOTION PICTURE BECAME PART OF OUR LIVES. FOR MORE INTERESTING UPDATES LIKE FACEBOOK PAGE AND SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE OR VISIT # MALLU BACK BENCHERS FACEBOOK # MALLU BACK BENCHERS GOOGLE + # MALLU BACK BENCHERS BLOG # MALLU BACK BENCHERS TWITTER # FOR MORE INTERESTING UPDATES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL Thank you for watching the Video Regards TEAM MALLU BACK BENCHERS MBB

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