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Watch Kal Ho Naa Ho that this child actress has become so beautiful Who can forget the Kal Ho Na Ho directed by Shah Rukh Khan starrer and Karan Johar released in 2003. This film reminded of the superhit film Anand, starring Rajesh Khanna. You will also remember Jhankuddin Shukla, who plays Preity Zintas younger sister in the film. Do not forget to forget them and chemistry of Shahrukh Khan. After the romance of Preity Zinta and Shahrukh Khan in the film, the love between Jhank and Shahrukh was liked by the people too. Tomorrow should not be that the little Jia is now bigger and is equally beautiful. Born on January 24, 1996, Jhanks mother, Supriya Shukla, is also a TV actress and is currently playing a major role in Kumkum fortune. At the same time his father Hareli Shukla is a documentary film maker. In such a way, attracting junk movies and TVs is not a big deal. Apart from Jhanak Kal Ho Naa Ho, Irrfan Khan starrer Deadline has only worked in just 24 hours. If there is talk of TV shows then they have also been seen in Sonipari, Karismas charisma, Hatim, misguidance and many TV Aids. The glimpse of the 21 year old beautiful girl is remembered for the Princess, the character of the youngest girl in Sonpri, which came in 2000. The show was only 4 years old when the show came. His mother plays the role of mother of lead actress Shruti Jha in the popular serial Kumkum fortune. At present, Janku Andheri is studying BA Second Year history in Bhavn College. Although the whim is far from the movies, he is quite active on the Instagram and often shares his photographs. He wants to help the people by becoming a social activist.

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