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Watch Now, the government will give Rs 2 lakh for marriage If you are unmarried and are thinking of getting married, then this news is for you. Now if any boy or girl marries, the government will give him an encouragement of Rs 2 lakh. But there are certain conditions for this marriage which you must follow. This encouragement amount will be given by the government to the same person. Who is a resident of Madhya Pradesh state. Also, the Divya woman who is married to a man or woman, can take advantage of this scheme. Yes, if a common (both class) person marries from a Divya woman or a man, then the Madhya Pradesh government will give him an encouragement of Rs 2 lakh. Along with this, there is another condition that the person getting married is unmarried. Along with this, the children of orphan minor will also be given 500 rupees every month. This proposal will be implemented soon by the Social Justice Department. It is currently in the state that if married men and women marry, they are given 50-50 thousand rupees. But now according to Social Justice Minister Gopal Bhargava, this rule is changing. Under this rule, it has been decided to give Rs 2 lakh incentive to the common man or woman who got married to Divyang. And more than 40 percent of the medical certificate of Divya has been compulsorily compulsory for the promotion of Rs 2 lakh for this marriage. So far, only 40 percent of Divyang was given the benefit of this scheme. According to the Social Justice Minister, the incentive money will be given to the person who married the widow in the scheme, but it will also be necessary to give you a certificate of unmarried for this. From this marriage you will not only be able to take advantage of this scheme, but if you are unemployed and are looking for employment and if some work also wants to start new, then start a good job. You can also save his life by marrying such a person. And this kind of marriage will change in society as well. Even today, Divyang women and men have to face many problems in every area. 2 lakh is not only an incentive money but also a good plan. Its a nice and new step that will bring a lot of happiness to them. If you like this news, do not forget to like it, comment and share it.

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