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Watch Wife Got Call Remsom From Foreign Ujjain Mp A videocon came to the wife of the departed husband of his wife and then came Ujjains businessman abducted in Nepal, held for four days, hosted by businessman, acquitted of conspiracy, arrested from Kolkata A businessman from Ujjain who went to Nepal in connection with the business was abducted there. The miscreants demanded a ransom of Rs 20 lakh from the businessmans phone by calling his wife and threatened that the consequences would be bad for anyone. The scared wife deposited the ransom amount in the account given in the account and reached the police. After the money was received, the businessman left the business told that he kept hostage for 4 days and beat him severely. The police has arrested the acquaintances of the conspirator who has been arrested from Kolkata. Zubani full story of victims wife Aarti Sanger ... - We live in Sai Vihar Colony of Ujjain. My husband Paswan Singh Sengar came out of a meeting on August 23 to visit Mumbai from Nepal. From Indore they travel to Mumbai. There I met Surjeet Singh Mandal, a West Bengal resident who is a businessman and my husband is familiar with. From there they went to Nepal. On this evening, I had a five calls after one of them, who were missed. On this I sent a message on the wateps and said - What happened? - After a few seconds of making my message, there was a video call from Pavasana Mobile. He said some people in Nepal kidnapped me. These people are demanding Rs 20 lakhs. You make arrangements, otherwise it can do anything with me. After that a young man spoke, he said, giving two account numbers to put money. Send as much money as you can - Aarti told that the abductor had threatened the phone not to tell anyone about the ransom. The police do not even at all. If you told someone about this, we will complain about your husband in Nepal. By hanging it we will punish 10 to 15 years. Aarti said that my senses were heard from her. I was very scared, I said that you do not do anything to them, I will put money. After this, I put ransom money in pieces. When it seemed that he would miss, the police station reached for help. Cuddles cried crying ... Peshawar said that he had got ticket from Mumbai to Kathmandu only by those people. He had said that there is a big party in Nepal, along with it the business can settle on the big level. They sent some people to take me at Kadamandu Airport. Instead of the hotel they took me to an old house and closed it in the room. They snatched my passport and stuff. After this he said that call on your house and call up one crore rupees and then you will go. On this I told them that I do not have so many rupees, they are asking for 20 lakh rupees. He did not even beat me and gave me food for four days. Friend created plot - On the other hand, after getting ransom in the account, the miscreants left the house. Exiting them, he reached Delhi and called on Aarti. On receiving the information, Ujjain reached Delhi with Aarti and returned to Ujjain for the entry. On the other hand, TI Sanjay Verma and other officers investigated, it was known that the conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy was made by Surjeet, West Bengals business friend. The police has arrested her from Kolkata. He told me that I had conspired together with Hemraj Kaisi, Deepak, Vishnu Officer and Manoj of Nepal. Nepal police to arrest accused - The businessman was abducted by four people from Nepal for the conspiracy of a West Bengal youth. Kept him hostage for 3 to 4 days. He also gave up the ransom money when he got it, which came from Delhi, The West Bengal has also arrested the accused. Now will go to Nepal to catch the abductors.

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