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Watch This Enormous Cave Not Created By Human But By A Monster Man has not created this cave, not even seen Scientist According to the Scientist, it would not be wrong to call a huge creature a monster that would have lived nearly 9000 years ago. In the desert forest of Brazil a few months ago, the cecil has received a cave that has surprised everyone. The cave found below the ground is about 2000 feet long and 6 feet high. However, the shocking thing more than the size of this cave is its texture. It is so precise and spherical that the sight of the scientists are in awe and now it has become clear that it has not been made from the movement of water or earth. Confirming the existence of a giant creature ... - The Scientist has claimed that this cave is neither made up of geographic activity nor has it been executed by human hands, but by a giant organism. After all, what was this creature? There are such marks on the walls of the cave that prove that it is made up of the claws of an extinct deified creature. According to the Scientist, it would not be wrong to call a demon such a huge creature who has lived about 9 thousand years ago. However, the biggest question for the Santit has become about the identity of this animal.

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