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Watch Yuvraj Singh mother gave feedback on Hajals pregnancy In the past, a picture of the hegaz kite, wife of Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh on social media, was viral. In this picture, he was told as a pregnant woman, on this matter, Yuvraj Singhs mother Shabnam Singh has said that there is no truth in these reports, breaking the silence I do not know where the report comes from, I tell you That social media account had shared the airport picture with Hazel Couch and told pregnant. Yuvraj Singhs mother said that the marriage of both of them has taken just 10 months. The Hague is not pregnant, it is wrong for someone to say such things Shabnam said, Children must keep all the creatures. Now we invite Yuvraj and Hazel in married life. I do not understand why people are coming so fast.

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