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Watch OMG: Amrita slams Isha for slapping When there is two actresses in a Bollywood film, it is common for both to fight. The same happened between Amrita Rao and Isha Deol. Both of them were shooting for Dear Mohan. Both of them played the role of sister in the film. But on the set of the film, they got a lot of catfight. The fight got so big that Amrita abused Isha. Isha felt very sad about this and slapped Amrita. Tell that in an interview, Isha said, Yes, I slapped Amrita. One day after the pack-up, he cursed me in front of director Indra Kumar and the crew and I slapped him. I have no regrets about this. It is said that Amrita later realized her mistake and apologized to Isha. Amrita also said in an interview - It is not okay to blame her and I will not say anything more than this. This story is now over.

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