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Watch A painful accident happened with the young man, doctors operated by the glass coming out of the stomach   You must have read many such news in which the doctor has taken out many types of things from the stomach to the victims operation. But today you are going to tell about a news which is very difficult to believe. A man was suddenly admitted to the hospital for very severe pain in the stomach. The doctor gave medicines but there was no benefit. Finally, doctors decided to x-ray his stomach. Even so, everything was normal, because all this goes on in the hospital. But when the X-ray report came, the whole staff, including the doctor, was surprised. At the bottom of his abdomen was 8 centimeters long and 7 centimeters wide in glass. Let us know that this incident is from the city of Guangzhou in China. This incident happened with the 30-year-old young man here. After this the doctors tried to remove it, but it was smooth that it was not in the hold. Meanwhile, the pain in her stomach was increasing. Do not see any way doctors decided to take the operation of his stomach, then it could be difficult to remove glass. Later, when the doctors asked the victim about how the glass went into his stomach, he refused to tell. At present the person has been discharged from the hospital a few days and now he is fine.

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