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Watch At night, the strange sounds came from below the ground, the floor was broken, then it came out. In a house located in Pandharpala of Dhanbad, family members used to listen to their voice every day. But never seen anything. The family suspected that the whistle could be a snake. He contacted a snake saver. On Friday, when Snake Saver broke the plaster in the courtyard after the investigation, people were shocked. A serpent was removed with 16 eggs from the bottom of the plaster. Snake savers sweat was lost in controlling the serpent. Snake Saver Bappi Da told me that when family members came to meet him and told him his story, then I told him that snake is breeding in your house. He told that whenever the family members went to the courtyard in the night, Nagin used to bowl with his intention to clean his eggs. Although the snake was never visible. So it took time for the family members to understand that the snakes were floating in the courtyard. The serpent had made its home in the courtyard of the house. He had given 16 eggs, which he carefully monitored. When Bappi Da tried to capture her, Nagin fought to save her eggs for a long time. However, Nagin was later arrested. Bappi Da told that the children had been out of two eggs, while 14 children were left to come out. Bappi da told that the eggs had been around 40 days. This is the time when children get out of the egg. However, the family living in that house is now breathing peace by catching the serpent.

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