Click to Watch in HD > What is Blue Whale Suicide Game?| How Blue Whale Game Works?

Watch What is Blue Whale Suicide Game?| How this Game Works? What are the other names of this killer will all found here in this Video.Because there are 50 Tasks in this game and the last thing is to commit suicide. If you leave the game in the middle of the game, that means that the hacker threatens to kill you and your family. Once the game starts, you can not stop and 50 tasks have to be completed. Once you start the game, the hacker hacks your mobile. If you have a group, get a contact and forward it to everyone. Time is short. This message has come which has been forwarded. I do not think any link which we do not know, please do not open it. And do not ever open such links which will give you so much money or gifts. Don’t give mobile phones to kids unless it is under adult supervision For Complete Info Go There:

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