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Watch Amazing wheat grass that grows without soil One needs no soil, no open field to grow grass. An indoor facility with a hydroponic fodder unit can provide any commercial dairy farm with enough green grass to meet the nutrition needs of the animals. And the technology is quite simple and easy. Initially, its cost-intensive but cost-effective in the long run. This was disclosed to a large group of dairy farm proprietors, who gathered on the premises of Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) in the capital yesterday afternoon to know about the soil-less green fodder technology. Connect with The Daily Star Online Visit The Daily Star website: Also Like Star Live on Facebook: Like The Daily Star on Facebook: Follow The Daily Star on Twitter: +1 The Daily Star on Google+: মাটি ছাড়া ঘাস চাষ | Wheat Grass | Wheatgrass | hydroponic grass in Bangladesh

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