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Watch The country of the world where many kilos are distributed in gold gutters per year In Switzerland it seems that people are so rich that every year millions of rupees are poured into gold gutters. Yes, in fact, every year 43 kg of gold becomes a part of gold gutter in Switzerland. This is why Swiss scientists revealed during an investigation What is the study of Swiss Institute of Academic Science and Technology, it is said that gold passes through the West Treatment Plant and becomes part of the gutter. It is important that seventy percent of the total production of gold worldwide is from Swiss refineries. Hackers Scientists also observed that this waste of gold does not create any risk for the environment, and the acquisition of gold is not easily possible, but in turn, some places seem to be jumble from gold. There is a lot of amount to be stored in one place, but it can be too high to get gold back. Every year, three thousand kg of silver in Switzerland is swept away in the gutter. During this research, throughout Switzerland 64 West Treatment Plants were reviewed.

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