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Watch Give the doctors a break and get medicines as well as a complete treatment of Salt Sugar, a wonderful break from the delicious sauce that has hundreds of people so far. Sugar disease is extremely dangerous and known if there is no proper treatment and prevention, it can have very adverse effects and the patient can also go through life. Today, where patients are troubled due to their illness, they also seem to get rid of their pockets in front of doctors for treatment, but you do not have to worry now. We are going to tell you a copy of sugar patients here. The patient who is tempted to do not only control the patients disease You can also get rid of the expenses of doctors heavy fees and medicines. The following is a sauce prescription for patients who can treat the patient completely. In this ingredient ingredients, garlic stirred half a half acre, Ginger fresh, a grate, a green green grin, a pomegranate chopped, a rock, grind them and morning, afternoon a spoon, the old sugar here. Even if sugar is suggested to cut any of the patients body due to sugar, this sauce is tested and is also very useful in body vomiting, wound and stomach disease. People who do not even have sugar can also use it, they will never have sugar and stomach. please subscribe my channel Follow us on Google+

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