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Watch hallo frinds mara name ha nadeem arshad or ma aik new video ka sath hazar hova hon ma apna channel supper knowledge ma har kism ki video upload karta hon agar aap ko kisi kism ka bi masala ha to comment karka poch sakty ha Stomach pain, not thirsty thirst, if you feel like this, your life is at risk, immediately work this world-leading doctor released a dangerous warning. British expert Health Dr. Evil Levin warned the public that no illness or illness should be considered to be small, symptoms of many serious illnesses are already visible to us, but we do not pay attention to them. He said that As a stomach in the stomach, which is very intense, is definitely a dangerous sign, so you should also go to the doctor if you feel breathing. Do not understand it as a result of generality. Due to this, asthma, Pneumonia or palmmonary immunization may also occur. If the head hurts a lot of acne in the head, then there may be any problem arising out of the brain and especially blood drainage. If you drink water again and again, and if you do not like thirst, Its very worried. This condition is called Polypropia and is usually one of the symptoms of diabetes. In this case, you should immediately test blood glucose. subscribe ** more videos ** follow us google+

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