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Watch Plastic anesthesia not returned to its country Everyone wants to be girls or to look beautiful in a boy. To look beautiful, people also do various types of tropical treatments. Sometimes blood surgeries, sometimes acupressure surgeries from needles, and plastic surgery. In order to look beautiful, plastic surgery has become quite popular nowadays and this trend became a huge burden for a news anchor and two of his colleagues. Stopped at the airport Three women from China, who had gone to South Korea to get plastic surgery, got information from news media. Here, he got plastic surgery and was ready to return home but he was stopped at the airport. Even they did not let them go back to their country. Lets tell you why this happened.  All three had swollen mouth Actually, when all three of them got plastic surgery, their reaction was such that their mouths swollen. Due to surgery, there was so much swelling on his face that his face became difficult to recognize. Because of which they were stopped at the airport. However, it has not been clear whether they reached their country or not. After this incident, a news anchor included the photo posted on social media and it became viral. Bandage on the whole face According to the information, his eyes were so swollen with surgery that bandages were tied from his head to his face. The three passports were so different from the photograph recorded in the passport that it was difficult to recognize them. One of these is Chinas Anchor Gian, who shared his photo on October 8 with the other two women. Gian deleted the picture Gian had removed this post from his account, but by then it was re-posted by the rest of the users. Their photos and stories are becoming viral on social media. This post is being shared and liked. However, it is not clear now whether the identity of these women could be cleared and they could not get back to China.

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