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Watch This is the incident of a girl who used to give food to the house instead of dirty work Friends, like every day, we have brought it again today, for you a true event where food was made for a change in the dirty work Bhopal: - Crime Branch has arrested a woman who had robbed the house of two minor girls from the house, in the houses of the city, the Crime Branch recovered precious material from the woman and the police has acted under the JJ Act, According to the Crime Branch, the information was received on Friday morning. That two minor girls are roaming in houses in Narialchhera, he has already been seen in this area, he is looking suspicious, after the information sent a team of crime branch on the spot, According to the said, both the girls were taken into custody and brought to Gautam Nagar police station, where they had been allowed to steal gold houses for several days, when the doors of the house were opened, they would enter inside, if they had any eyes He misled them by taking information about tuition and coaching and was not seen, then he ran away stole the valuables of the house, The girls face is sister accused: - Both the girls said in a statement given to Ti Sandhya Mishra of Crime Branch. That he is originally from the Aman colony. Six months ago, he had left his house, after that he started living in his house in Bilal Colony, Rukhsars house, Rakshasar was stolen from both, Crime Branch opened by the girls. Nishatpura. Ashoka Garden and Gautam Nagar areas have recovered goods stolen, Food was found on stolen goods: - When the Crime Branch reached Ekta Bilal Colony Karond, detained Rukhsar husband Arman (23), confronted with the girls, the girls told that they used to bring the stolen goods to Rukhsar, in exchange for them to eat and wear them He used to give clothes as well as stay at home, after the disclosure, the crime branch filed FIR against Rukhsar, lodged an FIR under the JJ Act (Juvenile Justice Act) and sent it to jail Gave it

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