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Watch The actress had left the house for the boyfriend  It is a matter of pride for any woman to come to the cover of a magazine by becoming hot. And this courageous work was done by Kabir Bedis wife Prometa. Protimas birth anniversary is on October 12. He was born on October 12, 1948 in Delhi. Protima was quite a type of girl. At the same time he was not behind the affair. This man was with the affair Many men like Pandit Jasraj, Vasant Sathe, Vijaypat Singhania, Mario Cropf, Jacques Ledel, Rome Whitker and Rajni Patel went missing in the life of Pramita Bedi. At that time, his relation with Rajni Patel of Maharashtra had been quite discussed. At that time, both of them had written many love letters to each other. This actor was pregnant with There was a time when Protima was in the modeling world and she met Kiran Bedi. Then both of them met in a party. After that meeting, Protima left her parents and her home and went to live with Kiran. For almost a year, both were in Livine Relation. After which Protima was pregnant After that both of them decided to get married together. Then a month after the marriage a daughter was born to both the house. Whose name they kept worshiping. After a few years, another son of both the houses was born. Whose name is Siddhartha. Nudge walked through Protima did this work for a magazine. This magazine was first launched in India in 1974. Then many tricks were made to make this magazine famous. Protima was then a good dancer. Then Rita Maheta, daughter of editor of Rite of Cineblitz, remembered Pramitas name. Then he met Pramita and said, will you run the race on the streets of Mumbai, with nude? Then Protima had accepted this offer immediately. Juhu Beach on the Nude Race For this purpose, the area of ​​Flora Fountain in Mumbai was selected. It was then that when the crowd of the people would be reduced early in the morning, then Protima would run on Juhu beach and run the nude. Then this photo shoot was also done. But Protima was unhappy with this work. After that she was photographed for the second time. Regarding this photo shoot, Protima had come into the discussion overnight. Together with Protima, the magazines started to speak with great force. Change for dance itself At one time Protima changed her life style to Odissi dance. Then he left his friends. Not only that, he had also left alcohol and cigarettes at that time. She once said in an interview that she had broken all relationships with her family for that too. He further said that learning how to learn dance he had learned a lot. Since then, he had also learned to worship God. Sad after the sons death In 1998, her son Siddhartha committed suicide for some reason. He could not bear this thing. After the sons death, it became quite unhappy too. After which she left her everything to visit Mansarovar. He started the journey from Leh to the Himalayas at that time. After which he started the journey of Mansarovar in August 1999 in the month of August. Such was the death of Protima During the trip, Protima died in the Malpa landslide near Pithoragarh in Himalayas in 1998. Then his body and his belongings were found in one village along with other bodies in India and Tibet Sima. Many bodies were also recovered in Malpa.

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