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Watch Actress Bhairavi Goswami Comment on Sexual Harrasment In Bollywood This actress of Kamasutra, sensed by her statement, believes herself to be ashamed of something In matters related to Casting Couch in Bollywood, you will have to hear a lot. Recently, an actress gave a statement about casting couch that caused a furore. After this actresss statement, she is considered to be involved in allegations. The name of this actress is Bhairavi Goswami. Bhairavi has asked for the accused casts casting heroes that many actresses sleep with producer-directors instead of work. Then, after years of becoming a superstar, suddenly she says that she was sexually exploited. Bhairavi has made a rhetoric on the social media which has stirred a stir. Bhairavi said that nowadays social media has been made the police. People forget that besides social media there is also a name for police. All those justice wants to get rid of the social media. Please tell that Bhairavi had left India at the age of six. After several years, he returned to India to do modeling and acting. Apart from Send Fry, Bhairavi will be my Friend Ganesha 2, Mr. Bhatti on Chutti has also been seen in Hate Story. Bhairavi calls himself Sex Goddess He had given very bold scenes in the film Kamsutra. It is quite objectionable to make such a statement. Bhairavi is not much fame but due to his statements, he remains in the headlines. Bhairavi loves animals very much. Thats why he is also an animal rights activist. Bhairavi is very fond of Horse Riding and has 17 horses. Bhairavi Pantaloons model Quest has also been a winner. Earlier, Bhairavi, while commenting on Actress Kris Sena, said, This look has become distorted after being floppy, Rabtas flop. Bhairavi said this after seeing a dance video of the work.

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