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Watch Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu Celebrate 51st Anniversary with Family and Friends Dilip-Saira celebrates 51st wedding anniversary, children not due to this Bollywood tragedy Dilip Kumar celebrates 51st anniversary of marriage with wife Saira Banu on Wednesday. Bollywood tragedy Dilip Kumar celebrates 51st anniversary of marriage with wife Saira Banu on Wednesday. For this celebration, a special event was organized for family members and close relatives of Dilip Saheb at 48 Pali Hill. Saira Banu shared photos ... - Saira Banu shared photos of Dilip Kumars Twitter account at the wedding anniversary. - On the social media where Dilip Kumars fans gave him congratulations Begum Saira Banu thanked her for her love and good luck. - Saira Bano wrote, On the 51st anniversary of our marriage, we want to thank our friends and family members and millions of fans for their prayers and love. Dilip Kumar married Saira Bano in 1966 - Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu married on October 11, 1966. Saira is 22 years younger than Dilip According to reports, Saira was dreaming to marry Dilip at the age of 8. After seeing Dilip Kumar in Dag, released in 1952, he was sitting on his heart. Dilip Kumar could never become father because of this Dilip saheb has no children, but few people will know why he can not become father. - He gave the answer in his Autobiography The Substance and the Shadow. In the book, he wrote, The truth is that Saira was pregnant for the first time in 1972. It was the son (we came to know later). - In the 8 month pregnancy, Saira had a blood pressure complaint, during which the surgery was not possible to save the fully developed embryo and the child died due to suffocation. Dilip believes that Saira could never be pregnant after this incident. Rumored to have wished during the second marriage - In 1980, Dilip Kumar married second woman to Asma Rehman. - That was the time when such a discussion started in the media that Saira could not become a mother and Dilip took this step in childs wish. - In autobiography, Dilip has denied this news and told the real reason (which we have done above), that Saira could not become a mother. - Tell us that after the marriage of Asma, the distances came in the relationship between Dilip and Saira. However, two years later, i.e., in 1982, Dilip divorced Asma.

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