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Watch Who is handling AICC Digital Team These are the actress, Rahul is doing for Rahul in the discussion before the Gujarat elections. South Indian actress Ramya is heading Rahul Gandhis digital campaign. Just before the Gujarat assembly elections, Congress national vice president Rahul Gandhi is quite active. They are counting among the public about the failure of the central government and the BJP government. All his activities are promoting social media. Actress Ramya of South films. Ramayana is commanding Rahul Gandhis digital campaign. This team has played a key role in making viral a development has gone mad in social media. Who is Ramayana ... 34-year-old Ramya is the actress of South films. Their real name is Divya Prabandana. In 2012, Ramya had won the Congress and won the by-election from Karnatakas Mandya parliamentary constituency in 2013. But in 2014 Modi wave, he had to face defeat. - Ramyas Divya @Divya Spandana / Ramya is an account on Twitter. More than 5 lakh 44 thousand people follow him. - Ramayana, who debuted from Kannada films, has also appeared in Tamil and Telugu films. Good change - - Political scholars believe that after Ramya came, the Congress is getting a good turn on the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. - The Congress has taken the BJP against the social media on the rise in price rise, petrol-diesel prices, attacks on GST, Dalits and minorities. It is credited to Ramayanas digital campaign. At the same time, sub-elections on Rajasthans three municipalities and Rajasthans Nanded Municipal Corporation were disappointing due to constant criticism. Congress has brought the concerns of the BJP on the forehead by winning these local elections. It is believed that a factor in this defeat of BJP has also been the Congressional Social Media Campaign. Vikal became mad campaign During Rahuls visit to Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi had said that - Vikal has gone mad. On this, the Congressional Digital Wing launched the campaign, which is becoming quite viral. - Now viral tweets and Facebook posts have given the opponents a good opportunity to target BJP. The command was held in place of MP Dipendra Hooda. After the decimation of general elections, the Congress has made significant changes to its social media strategies. The Congress had transferred the MP from Rohtak seat from MP Dipendra Singh Hooda to Ramya and gave it command to Ramya.

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