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Watch Kader Khan Talks With Difficulty Understands Only Son Daughter In Law Now it looks like Kadar Khan, who knows everyone is in trouble talking Kader Khan, who plays different roles in many Bollywood movies, lives with his son and daughter in Canada these days. Kader Khan, who plays different roles in many Bollywood movies, lives with his son and daughter in Canada these days. Now they can not walk without support and they have trouble speaking. Recently, his daughter-in-law Shaista Khan told in an interview that they now have difficulty in speaking. They only understand the things of them and son Sarfaraz. He told that Kadar Khan identifies everyone. 79 year old Kader Khan ... Kadar Khan has become 79 years old. Shasta says that she, along with her two daughters, Sima and Hamza, take care of them as children. So that they do not have any inconvenience. Kadir Khan worked in these films Kader Khan started his career with the film Dag in 1972. Apart from this, he has also given the title of Adalat (1976), Parvarish (1977), Two and Two Five (1980), Yarana (1981), Blood Bank Debt (1991), Dil Hail To Hain 1992), Coolie no. 1 (1995), Tera Jadke Chal Gaya (2000), Kila Dil (2014). The last time he appeared in the 2015 film Ho Gaya Bhaag Diy Daahi Sardar, son of Kader Khan, told in an interview a few days ago that his father had difficulty in walking. They would be appreciated by both sides for running, only after that they can walk. They told that after some steps they are asked to sit because they feel they will fall if they walk too late. Sarfaraz says that he has done Fathers knee surgery too. The surgery was successful and the doctor had advised them to go on the second day of operation, but their parents did not have the courage to walk. On the question of Kader Khan coming to India and whether he will work in films again, Sarfaraz said he has a Canadian citizen. They will go to India, but they will not be able to work in films. His industry has become disillusioned. Why was the dislike of Kaders industry, Sarfaraz said on the question: Now the environment of the industry has changed. Friendship is over. Now people just work from work. Some of his wanted people asked him for work, but he is firm on his point and now he does not want to work in films. Do they recognize their friend Govinda and Shakti Kapoor, Sarfaraz said yes, they recognize, but they speak very slow. They have trouble talking to them.

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