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Watch Minor Boy Arrested After Love Marriage Indore Mp 20-year-old girl, a married man, married, now is a confused story On the basis of affidavit, the police filed a case against the boy under the Child Marriage Act and arrested him. A 20-year-old boy ran away from the house and got married to a 20-year-old girl. The girls brother lodged the missing, till the police searched her, the boy called at the police station and said that we have got married you do not find the girl. Based on the affidavit of marriage, the police has arrested the girl on a complaint against the boy marriages protesting against the boy. Let the boy be 21 years of age for marriage. - Rakhi, a resident of Krishnabaga Colony, was missing from the house on October 6. Rakhis brother had lodged the report of his disappearance on Vijayanagar police station. Rakhis parents have died. He has done BSc in Computer Science, while his brother is a Homeopathy doctor. In the inquiry, the police came to know that Rakhi had a love affair with Ajay who lived in the same colony. Ajay is illiterate and against him the police has recorded three episodes. - The police was searching for Rakhi that on Wednesday somebodys call came to his brother. The caller said that Rakhi and Ajay are married in Devas. Ajay has wrested photos of both the wedding and the notary affidavit from his mobile before his brother makes anything to stop them. In it, he wrote both his and Rakhi 20-20 years of age. Not only this, Ajay himself called on the police station and told that he has married Rakhi, now he does not have to search for. On this, the police called the police station for both of them. - On the complaint of Rakhis brother, child marriage protest member Mahendra Pathak also reached the police station. He, while showing an affidavit to TI, demanded action against Ajay under the Child Marriage Act. After complaining of TI, he complained to the DIG, after which he arrested Ajay by registering the case. While Rakhi was handed over to her brother. - The reader of Child Marriage Anti-Utopia created under the Ladu campaign said that even though the age of 18 is fixed for voting, but according to the act, the age of the boy is 21 and the girls age is 18 years. Action is taken under the Act if the age is less than that. In this case, we have requested Ravi and Santosh, who has signed the affidavit as a witness and lodged a case against the notary.

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