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Watch Sunny Waghchaure The New Golden Man of Pune. They wear many kilos of gold; They have gold shoes, golden car and mobile Sunny wear many tolas on his body. There are many junkies of gold in Maharashtra. Someone has a gold shirt and someone wears many kilos of gold on their body. A new name has appeared in this episode, Sunny Waghchouras. Sunny wear many tolas on his body. Sunny tells herself the biggest lover of Gold. They have gold phones and gold shoes too. Vivek Oberoi is Sunnys Friends ... - Sunny is said to have a good link up in Bollywood. Actor Vivek Oberoi is his friend. He has also shared the screen with them in a film. Sunny has also gone on the show with Kapil Sharma. Sunny wore a lot of gold in his neck, gold rings in hand, bracelet and gold made clock. Thats not all, Sunny has a golden color Audi car and a golden boot. Their iPhone is also gold plated. Sunny says, I like gold since childhood, so I wear so much gold on my body. Sunny, a resident of Pimpri Chinchwad, adjacent to Pune, takes along with her two bodyguards for the security of her gold. Sunnys photo is becoming very viral in the social media. Sunnys relations are being reported to many political people too. People are criticizing him while raising questions about his earnings in social media. - A friend of Sunny also wears many kg of gold on his body like him. There have been many goldmember in Maharashtra Like many Sunny, there have been many Goldman even before in Maharashtra. The first name in it comes Datta bubbles. Datta Bose made a 3.5 kg gold shirt. Pankaj Parikh, living in Nashik, also wears 4.1 kg of gold on his body. His gold shirt has also been registered in the Guinness Book. - NCP leader of Maharashtra, Emperor Bho Mose, also wears many kilos of gold on his body. - Shiv Sena leader Anup Asaram also wears more than 2 kg of gold on his body. Like them, Maharashtras Jagdish Gaikwad also weighs more than 2 kg of gold on his body.

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