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Watch Actress Sanchita Banerjee Interview to Dainik Bhaskar Big accusation of the film actress, said I have faced 100 times casting couch Actress Shakti Banerjee says, None of my family is from the field of acting, but still everyone supports me. None of my family is in the acting field, yet everyone supports ... These things are called Actresses Sanita Banerjee. Since childhood, I wanted to be a model and actress. Last week, for the promotion of the film Bloodbath, Lucknow came in Lucknow. She has shared many things in the conversation with Over 100 auditions but every time the casting couch - In Kolkata, Shaktis father is Shyamol Banerjees family business, mother Supra House is Wife. A brother is Joey who works in the field of animation. She says, I studied till 11th, I had an interest in modeling. So I did not pay much attention to studies. In Kolkata, I had started modeling a long time ago. At a very young age, I worked in an album by Kumar Shanu, although I did not get any money for that. - The first salary I got for the 1200 rupees a detergent add. After this I participated in a beauty contest Tilottoma in Kolkata and the first one. - In 2010, when I talked about going to Mumbai, mother was nervous. They feared how I would live. The brother was already in Mumbai, so mother kept betting that I would stay in Mumbai along with my brother. I obeyed my mother. - Mumbai Access I did a course from Kishore Kumar Acting Institute, then learned the nuances of acting from Atul Mathur. Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor have also learned the tricks of acting on Atul Sir. - I had a modeling profile, I took out my expenditure. I never used to source anybody for acting. Over the past 7 years, more than 100 auditions were given and selection was done in many places, but Matter with casting couch used to come in the middle. - There were also many big banner films, but people in the middle trapped. They used to say that I will introduce to the director, do something. I could not compromise with any filthy thing for my career. Because I had faith in my talent. I only used to say that one chance was to show off his skills. Selection for when the movie was done without audition - She says, The film is an artist like Shakti Kapoor, Mukesh Rishi, Shabab Khan in the bloodstream. I got an opportunity to work with legendary actors Ajit Verma is a very good director, always gives the right opinion. - I was troubled because I did not get a job in film at one time. One of my friends said that if the film is not available, then work in the TV. I gave 100 auditions for the serial. - I got a Gujarati Corrector in Jamai Raja, but it did not enjoy it. Because she was a long-drawn womans roll. At the same time, the call came from Nagesh Pujari (Executive Producer of Blood Bank). He said - will work in the movie. I met him and all got finished. - However, I was not satisfied, because he did not audition me. When I asked him to take an audition, he said, This is what you talked half an hour, this is your audition. - I still could not believe it and I asked him, Sir, there would be no wrong thing. After listening to me Sir said: There are wife and children in my house, so I know what the girl is respecting. - Bloodthirsty shooting was going on that one day Nagesh Sar said that there is a Bhojpuri movie Nirhuua Hindustani whose actors are Nirodhua, will work in them? I do not come to Bhojpuri, yet they once asked to hear the story. - I went and liked the story. The film hit so much that I got 16 films together from Bhojpuri and Bollywood.

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