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Watch Boy Turned Into Girl Just To Show Off This Body Part This person became a girl to raise the part of the body, this man changed look At 18, the boy changed his sex. Now it looks like this cute girl At the age of 18, a boy felt that he was born in the wrong body. This thing took such a step to make him feel so intense that his life changed. Did he want to cheer it? Lea Membrey, a 20-year-old living in Auckland, is now very happy that she did what she wanted to do. For 18 years Lea Membrey was thinking that she was born in the wrong body but was unable to do anything. It was a girls well-being but the body was of the boy. She wanted to take the girls help. Because of this, he decided that he would become a transgender. In 2015 Lea Membrey started the process of sex change. His family also supported this work. He raised his boots and also a skin color. This time was very painful but he kept up the silence. In a short time, she turned into a sexy girl who no longer has any meaning in her past life. Now everybody thinks that he is really a girl.

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