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Watch Diwali 2017: Dhanteras Tips And Upaay For Instant Wealth Dhanirass 11 easy steps will make you year-round It is said that every solution used to get happiness and blessing on Dhanteras is fruitful. Deepawali is about to arrive and markets have been set up for Dhanteras. Two days before Diwali, Lord Dhanvantri and Kuber are worshiped on Dhanteras and wished for happiness prosperity. Yog, Lakshmi Poojan and Calling have special significance on Dhanteras. It is said that every solution used to get happiness and blessing on Dhanteras is fruitful. Lets know some simple and accurate solutions that can make the sum of money in your home family this year. 1. Tree sprig If you have seen light on a tree or near your home, then on the day of Dhanteras, break a twig from that tree and keep it in the drawing room of your house. It is said that these measures keep a view of Kuber at home throughout the year. 2. Banana tree Banana tree is a symbol of Kuber, try to make a tree of banana near the house or temple and take care of it like a guardian. As soon as the banana tree grows bigger, the means and possibilities of prosperity will increase in your life. 3. Silver Bracelet On the day of Dhanteras, make a bracelet of silver for yourself. Put him in the footsteps of Lord Lakshmi on the night of Divya and worship him. The next day wear this bracelet in your own hands. These bracelets will also strengthen your financial position with confidence. 4. Cloves While worshiping Kuber and Lakshmi on Dhanteras, they must offer cloves to them. Even after worshiping Dhanteras and Deepawali, if you want you can clove cloves in the worship. Laxmi mother is happy with this and the sum of economic benefits in the house starts to be made. 5. Make a purchase but this way So far, you will be buying a lot of money on Dhanteras. You also have to buy gifts for giving. But on this Dhanteras, you shop for yourself and your family. Do not buy any gifts other than family members, on the day of Gift Dhanteras. Actually, shopping for Dhanteras for others is not allowed. Shop for yourself on this day only. 6. Serving the Cow On the day of Dhanteras feed the cow to green fodder and serve it. Should always serve the cow, but on the day of Dhanteras, Mother Annapurna lives in the form of cow and there will be no shortage of Khaddan in your house. 8. Measures of white things If possible, on the day of Dhanteras, donations of white food should be made possible. If you want you can donate white cloth in a temple and you can give rice to the poor. 9. Whole Coriander On the day of Dhanteras, buy the whole coriander from the market. Put it in the house and worship it at the time of Goddess Lakshmi at the time of Diwali and in the next Govardhan Puja, scatter it in the pots of your house. Take care of the plants that are released, they say that the plant from Dhani brings wealth and property in the house. 10. Buy a broom Make sure to buy a broom from this market on this day. Mum Lakshmi resides in the chand and the broom bought on this day brings wealth and burqa in the house throughout the year. 11. Clue Buy cowheroes on Dhanteras day and after duly worshiping it, put it in turmeric or saffron and put it in a yellow cloth and put it in the safe. It is said that it is the arrival of money in the house and the safe is never empty

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