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Watch Boy Saw Bubbles In Lake, Did Shocking Discovery After 50 Years Bulls were seen rising in the lake in childhood, these things were taken from inside 50 years later. A person who had suddenly seen the bubble rising from the lake in childhood, after 50 years of this incident, there was such a thing removed from the bulldozer. A small childhood recollection also proves to be a great work for many people. In 1944, a small child living in Estonia in Europe had seen some bubbles coming out of the lake made from his home. At that time he had ignored this matter. But after 50 years of this incident, he remembered that thing and he did a unique discovery. The story of childhood was the share ... This child saw childhood bubbles in the middle of the Kurtna Mataszarov lake of Estonia in childhood. This incident left a deep impression in her mind. However, he did not understand what was there. But 50 years later, he remembered this incident and he mentioned it on his social account. His story attracted the attention of those who hold interest in some war history. With the investigative team, this person re-approached the same lake. After about eight hours, something was taken from inside the lake, which nobody imagined. A combat tank of the Second World War was submerged inside the lake. If this person had forgotten that memory of his childhood, then he could never be found. Team with so many preparations arrived The team reached for the investigation reached there with full preparation. They cast steel cables up to three meters below the lake. The team also came with a bulldozer. Now the fear of the team was that if anything after the preparation did not come out of the lake then what would happen? ] The sludge tank came out The team started searching in the water from 9 a.m. in the morning. Eight hours of their hands did not find anything. The team was getting less enthusiasm But then he realized that his hard work was not worthless. When there was a heavy thing left out of the mud, there was no room for happiness of the team. Soon he realized that this is a fighter tank used in World War II. Still working on the engine These fighter tanks were made in Russia and it was used by the German army. Its weight was more than 30 tons. When checked out by the team, the team found that its engine was still working. It was later placed in the Military Museum.

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