Click to Watch in HD > King in fairy tales Version English【OFFICIAL MV】| Sathira-Dhammasathan พระราชาในนิทานภาษาอังกฤษ

Watch King in fairy tales Version English (Official MV) Sathira-Dhammasathan พระราชาในนิทาน ภาคภาษาอังกฤษ (Official MV) เสถียรธรรมสถาน Lyrics By Piang-or Wacharaprapapong and Pongsiri Vorapongs Melody By Mazen Ali Shah Arrangement By Jaiuah Kosolthanasungkron and Mazen Ali Shah All Instruments By Jaiuah Kosolthanasungkron and Mazen Ali Shah except Soprano saxophone By Metawat(Tewan) Sapsanyakorn Vocalist Napat Kiatproongwech (Dean) Napapah Watcharaprapapong (Dia) Pijaksana Rojanavilaiwut Ramida Hansiriphan Pisha Kallayawinai Rocco Ambrosini Mattarin Assakul Lily Coombs Udomkunnatum Imani Cintado ODonovan Anna Tanaka Satita Ninsuvannakul Pye Pimviriyakul Supissara Chirayuwat (Pai) Kunchaya Kongsakul (prea wa) Chiyarath Wittayasoranitikoon (Nina) Araris Kaewnavy Yoonjung Chang Vocal Director Nutcha Weranukul , Chonrada Chayachinda Audio Engineer Nachanyarong Nuchasawat and kamon kunrit Audio Engineer Assistant Attwit Jukkuprasart , Nakarin Kanakorn , Vainara Sittirungsrenapa Mixed By kamon kunrit Mastered By Jumpod Tumtanthong produce By PolarbearStudios and Mazen Ali Shah and Nutcha Weranukul At PolarbearStudios Camera Man Nuttapon pranon Chatree wutthiya Kittisak Katinsod Rutthachai Noiphang Pakkapol Ruangratana Nawarat Kongwattano patravuch charoenlapt Editor TCBN CO.,LTD Director Jaiuah Kosolthanasungkron and Nuttapon pranon Special Thanks. Sukrutai school Lertvinit Kindergarten bangkok international preparatory and secondary school Narattha kreephanich Rapeeporn Pratum-Anon Yaowapa Hoisungwarn Sarun Sangsoda Sathira Dhammasathan Search Entertainment A play Music PolarbearStudios I often heard of kings in fairy tales wearing large crowns, adorned with precious jewels. And I often wondered if those were ever true, the king I knew wore but a small cap. I often heard that kings are humbly greeted by servants, all his wishes granted as he pleased. Oh but under the sun, and in its searing heat, the king I knew spared no sweat for all Thais. I heard that fairy tale kings live in castles high, with tall steeples piercing through the sky. But on barren ground so dry, knelt down this king of mine. His righteous throne was rooted to the land. I heard that kings are sent down from heaven, I knew right then, I knew this much is true. A king who gave us his all, blessed (Pronounced “bless-sed”) were me and you. Ours was a saintly king who graced this land. He led us to sufficiency, to be our better selves. The path hed firmly held all these seventy years. Theres a calling from above, that brings us to tears, he must now rest in heaven. May our voices reach him through the sky. Hes in our hearts, as certain as the tide. Lets walk his noble path, his life shall be our guide. So his soul may now rest in peace.

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