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Watch President of Global InterGold Dmitriy Aksyonov talks about financial security. ( this video, the president of Global InterGold Dmitriy Aksyonov emphasizes the importance of financial security.Why is financial security necessary for everyone?What abilities can you discover in yourself?How will these abilities affect your state of mind and the stress level?What is the value of the human capital?The president of Global InterGold noted that for the last 7 years the company is searching for ways to reduce financial instability in the world. Starting your own business of buying and selling gold is a reliable route to financial security. Years of experience have taught us that people with relatively low incomes can start their own business in a short time (about six months), which will bring them substantial additional income.In this video you will find one simple, practical advice and one golden rule! Most importantly, remember, its never too late to start!Global InterGold – is your financial security!Watch the video in other languages:En

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