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Watch # Animated Story with moral lesson # rest during long daysIn this video, we described the importance of rest during long workouts. When we are working on some project and else we forget to take a break and continue work and try to finish it right now but do not so. Because of our brain energy keep downing, it needs some rest as usually brain needs at least to minutes rest after working hours. Therefore, when a brain finds no rest it losses focus that we needed.This will cause mental stress and body become so much tired. It will also lead to physical damages such as muscles shrinking, pain in arms etc. At the same time, we also needed breakfast to make our body fresh and ready to back for our work. Hope you have got a lesson.Thanks for watching .......If you enjoyed the video then please like, comment and share the videoFor more videos Please subscribe channel and hit the bell icon for latest updates.FB Page: or video: