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Watch This short film was inspired by the shortfilm by Erik Wernquist - Wanderers and for my love towards Carl Sagan. About a year back I came across this video in reddit Wanderers ( It stuck in my mind ever since. I am not sure if its the Carl Sagan or the Visuals of my liking or the wordings which I could relate my life towards. I couldnt find that yet however I have been watching/seeing that video countless times. Later in Sept 2016 when I went for 23 day ride to Leh - Ladakh this was the only offline video/audio I kept on my phone. I do not listen to songs much, I would rather watch a movie/series and this become my song for more than a year. Even now when I do gym at home, this is the background music which gets played in repeat mode. I cant get enough of this. With all this love towards this short , thought why not make a movie out of it with same background score but visuals from my own rides and the way I felt these words. Hence this shortfilm. Of all the work I have done, this is something very close to me and personal. Normally I dont ask people to share my videos but this one is something very special. if you like my work, I appreciate the share and let people know about this channel. Of all the bad things happening in our country, I hope this will spread something good. Incredible !ndia - Athulya Bharath I tried sending couple of mails to contact Erik however no luck. I will keep this video unmonetised as I am not sure if this will be a copyright issue, if it indeed violates copyright issue, please mail me /contact me via any social platform and I will take down the video if needed. Gears I use (affiliated links) Ram mount : GoPro Hero 5 : Feiyu-tech Gimbal : Go-On Mobile charger : GoPro Stick : You can find GoPro Man in below social medias :) Youtube : Facebook : Instagram : #goproman Below are few of the playlists you might be interested in! Ride to Himalayas : Rain Rides : Places to visit near Bangalore : In search of Unknown lands : Trekking : My popular uploads : #goproman Thanks for watching. Do leave me a comment if you have any feedbacks. Peace!

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