Click to Watch in HD > Indian media reporting on Amir khan going Pakistan||imran khan winning election 2018

Watch friends Please Subscribe my channel.Today in this video i am telling you about amir khan statement, Amir khan said if imran khan win the general election 2018, then maybe i am come to pakistan.Imran Khan PTI Won the Election 2018 - Bollywood Star Aamir Khan Come To Pakistan Bollywood Actor Amir Khan Said If Imran Khan Win Election In Pakistan He Will Come Pakistan For Celebrations....our other information videos below the linkHistory of iraq in urdu Hindi and Amazing facts about Iraq is un high commissioner ? zaid bin raad al Hussein?and why he is important for Kashmir? media on pakistan election 2018 and fake reporting about islamic political parties and pak army media on amir khan going pakistan reaction OF THE MUSICI AM USED in this vedio channel name of music: BensoundVideo link: and t=8sChannel link:http://www.bensound.comfollow on facebook: