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Watch Is Dropshipping a SCAM? Are gurus hiding top-secret information in courses? Watch to find out!►► Free $10,000/Month ebook:►► Join The Dropship Club (premium step-by-step course): ***OTHER LINKS REFERENCED IN THIS VIDEO***How to Dropship with Only $50: Much Does it Cost to Start Dropshipping: 1: Is Dropshipping a Scam? No: dropshipping is NOT a scam. Most people who claim that dropshipping is a “scam” or a “get rich quick scheme” are claiming this because they themselves are looking for get-rich-quick-schemes. Unfortunately for people looking for magical money trees, no such thing exists. And if anyone starts a dropshipping store hoping to get rich really fast - then you are going to be disappointed! Yes, dropshipping is a fantastic business opportunity. Unlike most businesses, you don’t need:1) Tens of thousands of dollars in start-up money (a good start-up budget for your store is $500-$1000). 2) Any fancy qualifications. You can teach yourself with coaches/courses/videos and, of course, trial and error! And yet despite not needing large amounts of start-up money or fancy qualifications, there is huge earning potentials. That makes dropshipping very unique! But at the end of the day, it is still a…BUSINESS! And a BUSINESS requires the following things:1) Work. You will need to put in work to set up your store. You will need to put in work to make it look professional. You will need to put in work to set up ads and test products. This is not a loophole that lets you make money without work.2) Trial and error. You are unlikely to have instant success: it is going to have a learning curve. If you are hoping for instant success, then do not start this business, as no business can guarantee you you’ll instantly start making money. Dropshipping is no different from other businesses in this regard. If someone came to you and said “I opened a cafe. And guess what? No one bought any coffee! I had to shut it down! Cafes are huge scams!” You would most likely look at them and say, “no… cafes aren’t scams. You just didn’t run it right.” QUESTION 2: Can I start dropshipping for free? I need money fast!Unfortunately no, you can’t stop a dropshipping store for free. If you do not have any start-up money, then you will need to save some up. For most people, they’ll have an easier time making money from paid ads rather than working with free traffic. If you do have the money but you do not want to spend it, then I challenge you to shift that mindset. Money is not a scarce resource: when invested right, money makes MORE money. It is the gift that keeps giving. If you are afraid to spend it, you will struggle to grow and scale your dropshipping store. QUESTION 3: Will your dropshipping course teach me super secret information/hacks/tricks that I can’t find anywhere else? If you are looking to buy a dropshipping course because you want to learn dropshipping secrets, or hacks or tricks that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet… then you are going to be disappointed. The truth is most information can be found on the internet for free! It is just extremely disorganized. Here are good reasons to purchase courses/programs:1) To have step-by-step information that is outlined in an easy-to-follow system/way.2) To get access to premium apps and tools that you can’t get for free.3) To get 1-1 support, coaching and training. These are great reasons to join a program. But if you are someone who has been spending years consuming everything that you can find about dropshipping - reading every blog post, watching every video, then there is a great chance that you already know a lot already, and you should have opened your store by now! If you do want to get a big advantage over your competition, then I strongly recommend studying sales psychology and conversions. Very few dropshippers focus on this, and not many people know advanced conversion and copywriting techniques. If you study it, then you’ll have a “secret weapon” over your competitors. If you have any questions, then be sure to ask them in the comments section. We’ll try and answer as many as we can!