Click to Watch in HD > माता रानी के स्वागत में पहली भेंट माता के चरणों मे|| माता के स्वागत मे भेंट अवश्य श्रवण करें||Jai Ma

Watch ☛Song: Mandir mai baitthi maa shringar kre ☛VOICE : Banvari ji Maharaj ☛LYRICS: Banvari ji Maharaj ☛ MUSIC: UMASERIES MUSIC and FILMS RECORDED BY : PRAGATI DIGITAL AUDIO RECORDING STUDIO(VRINDAVAN ) ☛Producer and Directed by: Mukund Upadhyay ☛Label:UMA SERIES (working as relgious music,bhagwat kattha and etc. ☛If You Like The Video Dont Forget To Share With Others and Also Share Your Views. Your One Stop Destination For All The Latest Bhajans and Devotional Music Subscribe Now ❤ Free Subscribe : ☛Copyright: Umaseries) UMA Series is working as religious music production company. this company start from holy place the playground of shri krishna vrindavan. at Bhagwat katha and Music Production at Religious music) Watch Umaseries on Shri Radha Raman Goswami Devotional singer in Vrindavan FOR LATEST UPDATES : ----------------------------------- If you like the video, Dont forget to Share and leave your comments ☯Like us on Facebook: ❂ Follow us on Twitter: https://tm/ Ⓖ Circle us on G+ : Blogger: श्रेणी संगीत लाइसेंस मानक YouTube लाइसेंस Category Music Licence Standard YouTube Licence

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