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Watch STAND BY ME Doraemon Soundtrack Cover Project Produced and Directed by Christian Bong DOP, Editor by Ralf Morscheck Audio Recording and Mixing by Ananta Vinnie Lyrics Translated and Interpreted by Laurensia Nathania OFFICIAL LYRICS: Band Mates: Joshua Sentosa (keys) Raestu Dwiatmaja (bass) Reynard Widjaja (violin) Ananta Vinnie (virtual drum) Flower Friends: Ovi Septedyani Janine Intansari David Wong And Ralf, Joshua, Vinnie, Raestu, Reynard, and Nathania You can Download the music here (limited downloads): Original Music by Motohiro Hata, Himawari no Yakusoku Thanks To: Fujimoto Fujiko F Fujio Hiroshi Motohiro Hata Marco Tj Agro Rachmatullah Coshza Hardjasaputra Rio Okta Gunawan I do not own any copyrights of the original song. This is just a cover and a translated version of the original song.

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