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Watch Published 11 October, 2017 Japan wow wow videos my travel meet the red moon Monday, I and my family went to the beach Japan, and also near the ancient Japanese sites of that era. Traveling from Tokyo to the coast and ancient sites called Kanagawa Odarara and Atami for 1 hour: 35minutes By the way, 84Km On the streets, with beautiful landscapes and high rise buildings in the city, when we went to there the driving on the way in underground road and crossing way the hole of mountain. This really great idea, founder of Japan. When we arrived in Kanagawa Odawara, we saw a lot of people visiting this historic site, especially if we went to the senior building of the royal palace, we would see artifacts displayed to tourists, then we looked at the exterior of the building and saw the scenery around this area that beautifully. The compound in there we will see a cage in the cage is the monkeys, but the monkeys are a little strange. It has not tail, their rectum is red and the face is red also.We have been to travel enjoying in here. And then we went to visit the beach. In front of the seaside There are many high-rise buildings, then we swim, play and selfie take photos, and in the evening, managers of the area, they always create a program for tourists to see the light-colored fireworks, and the fireworks come out to be the most distinctive modes. Before the fireworks come out, sunddely, light emerge from the other side of the sea. It was the first time I saw the red moon rising to the surface of the ocean, drifting slowly, the light of the moon was very red and it made me envious of my homeland and my wife and children in Cambodia.when I see say that wow wow my travel meet the red moon. Please help subscribe, Comment, Like to encourage me. Here is an address for everyone to visit there. 1- Address: Kanagawa Odawara 6-1, Jonai Japan 2- Address: Shizouka Atami 2, Nagisacho Japan - This my Channels Subscribe - Facebook: - Page FB:

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