Click to Watch in HD > jekhane shai baramkhana (যেখানে সাঁইর বালামখানা)

Watch Song: Jhenko Shai BarmakhanaHistory: This is a message of Baul Baul Baul Fakir, probably born in 1774 in Nadia district of Kushtia district. He died in 1890. He composed 1000 songs, of whom only 600 can be searched. The Lalon community, in the society, resists and opposes all religious fundamentalism. It is looking for anthropological and cultural history of this ethnic community of Minstrel, spreading their progressive and secular beliefs through the songs and music of Bengals Bauls. It spans a specific period and a geography. It is informative and educational because it focuses on a little known empire, their unique ideology and lifestyle revitalization of modern times. Manor Manus is contemporary and communal, since it spreads through fundamentalist pockets and intolerant groups of Hindus, at a time of peace, solidarity and peaceful tolerance of all religions.

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