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Watch Tagore song Jodi Tare nai chini go covered with Hawaiian Guitar by Soumendu Bhattacharya. History of song:Parjaay: Prakriti Upa-parjaay: Basanta Taal: TeyoraRaag: Khambaj-PiluWritten on: 1923 (27 Magh 1329)Place: ShantiniketanCollection: BasantaNotation by: Dinendranath TagoreWill he be able to recognise meWith the onset of the spring,I am not known to him though -Completely uncertain I am.Will he whisper songsTo my blooming buds,Slyly whisking away their soul -Completely uncertain I am.Will his colours instil the flowers,Will he permeate and wake me up.Will he be perceived suddenly bySwaying of my veil of nascent twigs,Win over my secretsLong hushed within my core -With the onset of the spring,Completely uncertain I am.

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