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Watch Official Video June Nøva Eternal KeyDirected by June NøvaExecutive Producer June NøvaProduced by Rainer Fraenzen http://www.undaction.orgBy courtesy of Museum Morsbroich special thanks to Dr. Stefanie Kreuzer, Dr. Fritz EmslanderMusic and Composition Luc GermainVocal Arrangement, Vocals and Lyrics June NøvaMixing and Mastering https://www.tonstudio-gernhart.comGuitar Solo Andrey Tikhomirov http://www.kliodna.comCello Gregory BrandlDrum Mix DCB MusicGhost Marc GrohmannKindly supported by Arnold Gwodz Kindly supported by Garten der Schmetterlinge supported by Freibad Muesen https://www.freibad-muesen.deThanks to Tino Sehgal, Cora GianollaLike and Follow us on Social Media: Eternal KeyThe crimson sparkles like dewdrops on a scarlet roseThey run down that dark hill and find me standing all alone I reach up my hand, is there anything to revealbeyond a dream and bloody thorns? In this hidden castle in the scenery still the mirror haunts me but it ́s not me I seeI sense you, you seek my dreams, you stare and wake my sleep You hold the key as our souls are unity - Eternally fallen into infinityIs it you I see in the weathered tree?The same shape as the moles on my skinAn imagery or a soul lost life in tragedy?What if loved you from the genes of my within? Along that corridor there is a closed doorMy mind senses what lies behindWhat I will find is a lonely ghost in the mist in whom I seek my neverending bliss (I long for his kiss) What lies behind the door of that chamber?A lonely ghost to mourn with eyes raging in anger?That lonely ghost enflamed my heart but burns me in fire?Or will my soul look into eyes that fill my endless desire? I run through the doors all in vainLong corridors without an endThe doors won ́t open as you hold the key Only you unlock my cruel destinyWe are destined since centuries and our souls are interweavedLost one unity we lay down where we will find eternal sleep Here ́s the key for love eternal, heal beyond my sanityHere I ́ll find eternal glory in my eversleeping dreamHere in your spirit you ́ve left behind as an overwhelming streamOnly you unscar my soul to heal Lost until as one unity we lay down - where we will find eternal sleepEternal sleep as one.Lyrics June Nøva