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Watch In this video I have roasted Ifreet Zahin Kunjo and exposed the dirty secret of her group Justice for Women Bangladesh (JFWBD). I have given all the evidences to make you guys realize how corrupted this so called unregistered facebook group is. Their barbaric use of social media has crossed the limit of tolerance. They are doing injustice in the name of justice. I seek attention of the authority to take care of this issue as soon as possible and delete this cancerous group from Facebook. Keep the cyber world clean!! - TahseeNation GD Link - X JFWBD Admins Link Mahabubur - Junaid - SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Like my page on Facebook: ▼ Follow me on G+ : ▼ Follow me on Twitter: ▼ Follow me on Instagram: ▼ Follow me on Viber: ▼ Thumbnail- Rabby Raz (Urban Reaction)

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