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Watch A song written by Kerry LivgrenArtist: KansasAlbum: LeftovertureYear: 1976Lyrics:On a crystal morning I can see the dewdrops fallingDown from a gleaming heaven, I can hear the voices callWhen you comin home now, son, the World is not for youTell me whats you point of viewHey there Mister Madman, watcha know that I dont knowTell me some crazy stories, let me know who runs this showGlassy-eyed and laughing, he turns and walks awayTell me what made you that wayHere I am just waiting for a signAsking questions, learning all the timeIts always here, its always thereIts just love, and miracles out of nowhereTell me now dear Mother, whats it like to be so oldChildren grown and leavin, seems the world is growin coldAnd though your bodys ailin you, your mind is just like newTell me where youre goin toIts so simple right before your eyesIf youll look through this disguiseIts always here, its always thereIts just love and miracles out of nowhereI sang this song a hundred, maybe a thousand years agoNo one ever listens, I just play and then I goOff into the sunset like the western heroes doTell me what youre gonna doHere I am, Im sure to see a signAll my life I knew that it was mineIts always here, its always thereIts just love and miracles out of nowhere

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