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Watch Sickick version of “Dont Mind by Kent Jones. | Subscribe: next, “Jason Derulo Live MashUp” (Sickick Version): and index=3 and list=PLfJxOs8CS6BtEZ_-unkrQnZoAuu4ApCInThis will be my last loose cover/rendition for a long time. Tag all of your friends, tag everyone you know who loves music. Weve come all this way together to get to this point, lets celebrate this last Sickick Cover of DONT MIND by KENT JONES.After this, phase 2 of SICKICK begins. Sickick Army were heading straight to the realm of originals. As you see in the video, my new original single entitled, ROLL THRU gets released on Sep 9th 2016 as well. So again, brace yourself for much more content to come. And as always.... #SpreadTheSicknessFollow Sickick:Facebook: More Sickick:Originals: Uploads: Videos: [email protected] -- --Credits:Special thanks to our DOP Mike Dopsa!