Click to Watch in HD > Keshariyaji Jain Temple at Rishabhadeo town in Udaipur District, Rajasthan.

Watch Keshariyaji temple is situated at Rishabhadeo town in Udaipur district (Rajasthan), India. People from different communities,casts and religions believe Bhagwan Rishabhadeo. He is the first Tirthankar among 24 Tirthankars. It is oldest and ancient pilgrimage of Mewar state. Here safron is used to decorate Bhagwan, so it is called Keshariyaji. All tribal people also believe Keshariyaji and called him Kala Baba. This town is also called Dhulev. it is 65 K.M. far from Udaipur city and 250 K.M. far from Ahmedabad city. Nearby airport is in Udaipur and nearby railway station is Udaipur.