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Watch PRAISE !!!!! GOD !!!! TVideo by : Tmilly TVGive unto others , For he is the reason I am able to do all the things I Mabel to do in this life. Create, dance, give back, lead with influence all over the world. And I’m not ashamed to scream that ?? This is also A HUGE PART OF ME ? —— ? —- WE THINK DIFFERENT over here @immabeastco @immaspace training .——- If you know someone who needs their spirits lifted, if you know someone who is close to giving up, or even if you just want to share this with someone and tell them .... “ everything’s gonna be OK God’s got your back!!! “ please SHARE THIS WITH THEMand if you’re moved to do so tag @kirkfranklin THE MAN WHO BROUGHT GOSPEL MUSIC to the masses when I was a kid . —-FULL VIDEO RELEASING TODAY !!!! On my @youtube ——Choreo by @willdabeast__ @djmarv625 Shot by @tmillytv @slaterkodish Danced by @djmarv625 @willdabeast__Song - @kirkfranklin #LOOKINGforYOU @immaspace @beastnetwork Location ——#gospel #praise #immahighsociety #immabeastdancers #la @theshaderoom @worldstar @immabeastco #GOD #bnbchoreo #willdabeastadams #djmarvLet’s share more positivity