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Watch Youre Not There by Lukas Graham Get the Self-titled Album featuring 7 Years here: Pre-order the self-titled Album NOW: Connect with Lukas Graham: Lyrics: I only got you in my stories, and you know I tell them right I remember you and I when Im awake at night So give it up for fallen glory I never got to say goodbye I wish I could askfor just a bit more time Bridge: Every step I take You used to lead the way Now Im terrified to face it on my own Chorus: You’re not there To celebrate the man that you made Youre not there To share in my success and mistakes Is it fair Youll never know the person Ill be Youre not there with me 2nd Though I know that youre not there, I still write you all these songs Its like you got the rightto know whats going on As I struggle to rememberhow you used to look and sound At times I still think Ican spot you in the crowd Bridge: Time can heal your wounds ifyoure strong and standing tall Ive been doing all of that, it didnt help at all They say youll grow older and itll get better still Yes I will but no it wont They dont get its ‘cause

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