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Watch The Official music video for Maiah Mansers Second Skin Written by Maiah Manser Produced and Mixed by Buddy Ross Mastered by Tom Coyne Cinematographer/Editor: Brian Oh Producer(s): Brian Oh, Makenzie Stone, Maiah Manser and Randi Norman Creative Director(s): Makenzie Stone, Brian Oh, and Maiah Manser Choreographer: Matt Drews Costume Designer(s): Makenzie Stone and Fantasia Oslund Hair and Make up artist(s): Anya Zaytseva and Annabelle Petry Child dancers: Waverly and Quincy Davis, Kaylen Stancik and Josie Jansons Adult dancers: Adriana Hernandez, Leah Russell, Sarah Kendall and Emily Curtiss Assistants and BTS photography: Sam Fu, Ian Cunningham, Delaney Cerna and Taylor Edmark Special thanks to Randi Norman and Suzy Tobin

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