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Watch To use this forecast, you will first need to know your Daymaster based on your date of birth. Generate your Bazi chart at to know your Daymaster and tune in to the forecast.? Sign up for personal emails from me: F O L L O W ▸ facebook |▸ web | A B O U T Master Kevin’s journey into Metaphysics began when he chanced upon Dato’ Joey Yap’s seminal book on BaZi - “The Destiny Code” in a local book store and realized that a non-Chinese educated enthusiast would finally be able to learn this. In 2014, he was warned while deciphering his own BaZi, of an impending crisis that will affect his career in 2015. This turned out to be that his company was being merged with another. Intrigued by the result, he took a full course on BaZi in 2015 as to prepare himself for any further downturn and to protect his income. That was the best decision he has ever made in terms of personal education.He has launched himself into the training and speaking arena, eloquently discoursed on topics as diverse as the field of Metaphysics, Property investments and Share Investments. He has been invited to major events such as the iProperty Expo and Popular Bookfest to share his experience and expertise on the abovementioned subjects. Kevin has also graced the airwaves of MelodyFM on their signature section Morning BOSS to spread the benefits of applying Metaphysics into modern settings.Subscribe to Kevin Chan to get Feng Shui, Bazi and Astrology training with new videos weekly!