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Watch First of all, thank you to Cosmopolitan Philippines for inviting me to talk with the beauty Ate Anne Clutz and the ever so sweet, Crisha Uy. I have a long way to go in the Youtube Community but thank you for trusting in me to speak with such big youtubers. I started a long time ago, but I havent been serious or full-time like others here in the community, so everytime I am invited to speak in public, Im always so amazed and touched that I am trusted to be in such a big event. Thank you again Cosmo! I love you!!Thanks to everyone also who has continued to watch me even with all my inconsistencies. I promise to try to be better for you all. LABYU. hihiIf youre reading this, type Pa-kikay of the day naman ohhhh! #kikayoftheday heheFollow the online shops who gave me products during the event!Skin Potions: @skinpotionsphChihuahua Cosmetics: @chihuahua_cosmeticsVain City PH: @vaincityphEllana Minerals Cosmetics: @ellanamineralsSmink Beauty PH: @sminkbeautyphFOLLOW ME!Twitter: