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Watch The saddest news about Michael inspired me to create a small Tribute to an Extraordinary, God gifted and Great Man that will always be in my heart.I love you, Michael.Originally named Heartbreak Hotel, This Place Hotel was a hit recording by The Jacksons when it was released in 1980.Written, arranged, composed, lead, background vocals and producer: Michael JacksonNo copyright infringement intendedThis Place Hotel A.k.a. Heartbreak Hotel LYRICS:Hoo!Live and sinTen years ago on this day, my heart was yearningI promised I would never, ever be returning,Where my baby broke my heart and left me yearningHee! Hee!As we walked into the room,There were faces staring, glaring, tearing through meSomeone said, Welcome to the doomThen they smiled with eyes that looked as if they knew meThis is scaring me!We walked up the stairs still concealing gloom,There were two girls sitting in my roomShe walked up in my face,Said, This is the placeYou said meet you right here at noonThis is Heartbreak HotelWelcome to Heartbreak HotelSo this is Heartbreak HotelThis place is Heartbreak HotelHope is deadShe thought that I had cheated for another loverI turn my back to see that I am undercoverNow I cant convince this girl therell be no otherHee! Hee!Someones evil to hurt my soulEvery smiles a trial thought in beguile to hurt meThis is scaring me!Then the man next door had told,Hes been here in tears for fifteen years!This is scaring me!We came to this place, where the vicious dwellFound that wicked women run this strange hotelThere was Sefra and Sue,Every girl that I knewAnd my baby said love is through!This is Heartbreak HotelWelcome to Heartbreak HotelSo evil Heartbreak HotelThis place is Heartbreak HotelSomeone stop my heart!This is Heartbreak HotelHee!Ten years ago today!This is Heartbreak HotelHee!Hoo!Someone stop my heart!This is Heartbreak HotelHee!Ten years ago today!Hurting my mind!Oo!You break my babys heart!This is Heartbreak HotelJust work into the beat!Whoo!Nooo-aaa! *cries**breathes heavily*